Memorial Health Group focuses on patient relatives, patient and employee satisfaction service, without neglecting ethical principles, with its professional team, scientific and Known and pioneering company in Türkiye and around the world that follows technological developments It is one of the health facilities.

Medical Park Antalya Hospital

Medical Park Antalya Hospital Complex, ‘Health for All’ mission
operates to provide the best service for its guests under its guidance.
Medical Park Antalya, one of the largest private hospitals in the Mediterranean Region Hospital Complex, with academics who are respected in the international community It is the most preferred transplantation procedure not only in our country but also in Europe. One of the (organ transplant) centers.

Anatolia Hospital

As Anatolia Hospital, our goal is; technological developments, new diagnosis and treatment By following the methods, we provide better and safer healthcare services to our patients. to present. Our hospitals; Using modern medical technologies, distinguished physicians and Prioritizing patient-oriented approach and quality with its healthcare staff It is structured to provide health services with the understanding of patient satisfaction.